120 Bottle Rustic Wood Wine Rack; Super EASY to assemble!! (Made in Oregon) Reviews (Free Shipping Available)

As you may know, Oregon is world famous for our wines. That is why our company motto is:"Not only does Oregon have great wines; but we also do a great job making fine RACKS too." This 120 bottle rack has 8 shelves (15 bottles per shelf) and each shelf holds 2 rows. The first row (bottom row) holds 8 bottles and the 2nd row will hold 7 bottles. Structurally the upright/s isn't one solid piece. Each upright is held together with dowels. The 3rd picture demonstrates this. This rack is a Rustic grade. In our manufacturing process, we refer to this Rustic grade as our " A minus" grade. It's only slightly lower than our perfect "A" grade. And the average person doesn't notice any difference. See below for explanation of our "A minus" grade. As a kid growing up in Oregon, I've learned that a man's word is a reflection of his values and integrity. So when I say that, "You'll be happy with my product"; or I will take it back at no cost to you! I REALLY mean it (if you don't believe me; read my reviews). So if you want to buy a Great rack (made in the USA); there is NO reason to go any farther! In our "A minus" grade, we let an occasional piece include one of the following: machining defects, slough (sluff) knot, star checked knot, black encased knot, blue stain (light) and some heart stain (reddish in color). If you would like to see pictures of these allowable visual defects; please send an email to me. It will clearly show that these imperfections are barely visible (even to the trained eye of a lumberman). The dimensions are : Width = 31 1/4", Depth = 11"; Height = 60" (if you decide to make two racks that hold 60 bottles each, the height would then be 30") If you have any tipping concerns, ask for your free "earthquake strap". Additionally, Don't forget to request an exchange of LARGER (champagne, 1.5 litre) shelves for regular shelves in multiples (set) of two (2), if it's a benefit to you. All my best, Floyd Helm, President; G.E. Lumber, LLc