Kenley Wall Mounted Wine Rack with Glass Holder – Rustic Wood – Horizontal Floating Hanging Shelf for 4 Bottles – Metal Bar Stemware Storage Racks for 12 Glasses Reviews (Free Shipping Available)

Simple, stylish storage
Treat your favorite bottles to their own home. With hidden glass tracks, invisible mounting and storage for up to 4 bottles of wine, this floating wine shelf is the ideal way to display your favorite bottles of wine or spirits. Not just for wine, this floating shelf can also hold up to 12 glasses on dedicated glass tracks. Keep your brandy snifters, sherry schooners, cocktail and champagne glasses right on hand, ready for the appropriate drink.

Celebrate your wine
Whether you're a collector or just like to share a bottle of wine with friends, displaying your wine and spirits is a great way to savour and enjoy your drinks. It's a great way to put a special bottle on display without compromising the storage position. Whether you're saving a bottle of champagne for a significant event or slowly sipping your way through an old whisky, this floating wine shelf is the ideal way to safely display and store your treasures. The shelf comes with its own mounting set and simple installation instructions. Supports weights up to 20lbs and is 15.8×11.8×5.9 inches.