Nambé Tilt 2-1/2-Inch Wine Coaster Reviews (Free Shipping Available)

Basic yet striking, the Tilt coaster provides a bottle of wine with just the right grow. The rim of the metal rollercoaster inclines to echo the appearance of relatively gravity-defying Tilt crystal stemware, and is low enough in the front so as not to block the bottle's label. Determining 4-1/2 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 inches in height, the metal rollercoaster shines with a mirror finish and will not dull or tarnish as long as the piece is cleaned by hand and not in a dishwashing machine.

Nambé was established in 1951 in a town of the very same name in scenic northern New Mexico. From the start, the company focused on hand-producing high-quality, functional products such as metal bowls and trays with excellent attention to timeless, modern-day design. Still made in the USA, Nambé's signature metal alloy is liquefied, poured into a hand-made sand cast, and the resulting piece repeatedly polished and smoothed by hand. Exceptional presents for the most special of occasions, Nambé metal bowls and accessories are now signed up with by porcelain and crystal pieces, each perfectly crafted. Nambé ware has won various design awards, has actually been shown in or recognized by almost 2 dozen museums worldwide, and becomes part of the long-term collections of many, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York.– Ann Bieri