Vera Wang by Wedgwood Grosgrain Silver Plate Wine Coaster Reviews (Free Shipping Available)

Reflecting designs from its name tableware pattern, this Grosgrain Wine Coaster is influenced by the subtle romantic touches Vera Wang uses to trim her world-famous bridal gowns. This piece is perfect for everyday living and entertaining, and perfect for gift-giving or use at home. Giftware should be hand cleaned with a moderate cleaning agent; Do not utilize lemon-scented cleaning agents; Do not use abrasive cleaners that can scratch and dull metal surface; Be diligent in washing items as soon as possible that might have come in contact with some foods such as eggs, mayonnaise, vinegar, lemon juice, etc; Do not let it soak for long periods of time in water; After utilizing sterling giftware, wash as quickly as possible; Use a soft cloth to dry each piece thoroughly; Make sure each piece is totally dry prior to storing.