Wilton Armetale Wine Bottle Coaster, A Dinner Without Reviews (Free Shipping Available)

Designed and crafted by hand, Wilton Armetale Serveware products are as functional as they are gorgeous, and made to last a life time. Official to casual, elegant to rustic, each piece we craft is created to record the spirit of your life. Able to endure temperatures up to 1000 degrees F, Wilton Armetale Serveware is perfect for your cooking needs. Perfect for the oven, stove or grill, foods will stays hotter longer. Wilton Armetale serveware pieces are likewise designed to help keep cold foods cold; just put your favorite serving piece in the refrigerator prior to preparing salads, sides or appetizers. Developed and crafted by hand, these gorgeous items were made to last a life time. Made from Armetale metal, which is an aluminum-based alloy metal, that is 100% recycled, and food-safe. This piece will not rust, break, fracture, or chip under regular use.

Usage & Care
Thoroughly clean your new piece with soft sponge or cloth and mild soap, then rinse with warm water and towel dry. Always hand wash after each usage. Do not put in automated dishwasher; cleaning agents, harsh chemicals and tough water might harm the metal's finish. As with any metal, it is not recommended that food be stored for a sustained time period, specifically foods including fatty acids, salad dressing or vinegar.